A Rich History Of Achievements


1913, our founding fathers worked on establishing a well reputed business as confectioners who know the secrets of well-crafted sweets and candies, gathering their knowledge of traditional Egyptian sweets and of Turkish one as well to create a significantly distinctive sweet factory not only in Egypt's larger sweets producing city of Tanta but in the most reputed ancient quarter of sweet producer in " Caesariet El-halawaniea". they started "Shanawany Sons" to last and it did.



our heritage is teemed with values that we kept working on from generation to another, creativity, authentication and, Genuity were the pillars of our work, while keeping the craftshep soul within professional business environment was our secret. along six generations we worked on making " Shanawany Sons " a strong link between the traditional sweets and the modern food industry spheres. we create, cooperate, and donate to the world of sweets and candies



in order to sustain all of our elder's achievement and to add more to our descendants, we walked the line of continuous renovating and rejuvenating our business module. new premises were built in 10th of Ramadan city, subsidiary companies were specially established to facilitate our growth and sustainability, new modern mechanical lines were installed, computerized systems were adapted, and even AI developments are considered now in our business module. Shanawany Sons is more than a name, it 'an entire world of sweets that we work on around the hour to offer you only the best. through our professional name DELTA for SWEETS and Food Industries, JAMMY with our newest novelty Jelly products, we offer to you, we will mesmerize you with the originality of 100% Egyptian jelly sweets based on a German technology of production and original oriental flavor you don't want to miss Kandi is not just another jelly product; Kandi is the crown jewel of candies ...remember it's Kandi with a K!